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There are lots of learning opportunities and resources out there for complete beginners to programming. For everyone else, there is Hackership, a self-directed learning retreat for developers.

Rediscover your passion for code, in a distraction-free learning environment together with peers, 4 days per week, for 9 weeks. Built with the values of OpenTechSchool in mind, Hackership provides an open and welcoming learning environment focussed on progress for everyone.

You decide what you want to learn, how you want to learn it and in what pace, we provide coaching, a supportive environment and, where needed, inspiring workshops.

Apply now to join us for our next batch in Costa Rica! Or, if you're in Berlin and would like to attend one of our open talks and workshops, find our upcoming events here.


We create a safe, distraction-free space, so you can focus on learning, full time. No client work, No distractions.


Everyone is different. Everyone learns differently. That's why we want you to decide what and how you learn.


Friendly, experienced developers help you get unstuck.


Our gender ratio is almost equal (40% women). We are working hard to maintain and improve this ratio.


Daily stand-ups and weekly planning breakfasts to keep you on track. Weekly demo's to share your progress and learnings.


Learn with and from your peers. Workshops and events rooted in the local tech scene.


Freelancer guidance, CV consultations and support to develop non-technical skills too.


We do this because we love it.

Stories from previous Hackershippers

Rails Developer Turning Digital Nomad

Anita Jaszewska
Learner Batch-2

Are you Reading this and still a complete beginner?
Read more about
Anita’s early days into
programming here.

We hope to get an aplication
from you in the future!

"I work as a Junior Rails Developer in Berlin and I applied to Hackership as a professional development opportunity.The idea to join Hackership or a similar project was in my mind for a while, because I want to keep learning and work on my programming craft. I work as a developer, hence I feel good with Rails itself, but I was missing the time and environment to focus on programming languages and get more comfortable with real back-end work, ideally without using any framework.

The learning style of Hackership made perfect sense to me. My whole programming journey to date has been self-directed. My formal education is in Finance, not ICT.

With support from Hackership Coaches in the application process, I came up with a learning project that fitted my goals.

I focussed on understanding the process of transforming programming languages to machine code and building a simple compiler.
This gave me time to delve into Ruby the language, as well as fundamentals of Computer Science like algorithms and data structures, providing plenty of opportunity to learn about parsing algorithms, abstract syntax trees, etc.

Various workshops organised during the batch helped me to fill the gaps of knowledge and created the environment where I could ask anything that was bugging me about certain technologies, good practices, general concerns etc. I also found the group of people very interesting and inspiring. Now I feel more confident about my skills and started to see my career path more clearly with the goal of becoming a true digital nomad.

Learner Batch-2

"I was stuck in an administrative position, using outdated technologies and wanted a way out. It took me many months to decide to apply. I was worried about my chances of getting in, as a relative programming newbie.

The application process was very straightforward. I appreciated the one-on-one skype interview because it gave me a sense of the type of attention I would receive during hackership. I'm thankful to have been part of a supportive environment while learning, being in a group kept me on my toes. I wish I applied earlier!"

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