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Hackership on a Beach

Time to become a better Hacker

Batch-2 will be different

> On a Beach

Batch-2 will take place 12th January-15th March 2015, next to a sunny beach – on Gran Canaria.

> Sponsored Seats

We're also launching a grants programme to support eligible learners with the tuition fees, accommodation, flight and living costs.

> Intense learning + awesome people + beach paradise + time to explore = Hackership on Tour.

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Hackership – Learning tech doesn't happen in a class room.

> Full-time focus

Hackership Batch-2 runs for 9 weeks full-time in a distraction-free learning environment together with other peers for 4 days per week.

> Self-directed peer learning

We don't learn from instructions, there is no curriculum. Hackership focusses on self-directed learning from peers, supported by hackers in residence.

> Safe, open & welcoming

Built with the values of OpenTechSchool in mind, Hackership provides a learning environment focussed on progress for everyone.

> Integrated in the local tech community

Supported by inspiring companies and rooted in the Berlin tech community.

Hackership explained — xkcd-style:

xkcd-style explanation