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Anonymised Application process

Whether you apply for a grant or not, your application goes through an anonymised process to ensure an unbiased review. During the process the review panel will assess whether you have the necessary requirements to get the best out of Hackership on the technologies and projects you've chosen.

Learn more about the process here.

Grants Information

Grants and Loans are one way that we keep Hackership accessible to all. Because diversity rocks, we strive to have a truly diverse group of students, meaning that different age groups, genders and cultural backgrounds are represented. Our alumni is 40% female to date and we want to keep and improve this ratio.

For every Batch of 30 Students, we make 5 needs-based Programme grants available for talented women who qualify on their merit to attend and could not attend the programme, without a grant.

Learn more about our grants here.

Message to Women!

The experience from our applications process confirms existing academic research on gender. Generally, men are likely to over-estimate their talents and apply early. Women under-estimate and delay.

So, if you are reading this and wondering whether to apply, the answer is yes. Apply. Now. Not once you’ve studied a bit more. Not once you are a better programmer or your application is totally perfect. TODAY. Do not under-estimate your experiences and talents.