The Application Process

After you applied for Hackership, your application will be anonymized and reviewed by two of our reviewers. Within 10 days after applying you will receive an e-mail from us with follow-up questions. In order to keep the process moving, we ask you to please reply within 3 working days.

Once we hear back from you, we will schedule a Skype call. These calls will typically be between you and the two reviewers. They are a chance for them to get to know you better and for you to ask questions about Hackership.

Within 3 days after the Skype call you should know whether you are accepted. If you are, we ask you to transfer a non-refundable deposit to us (within one week), to confirm you participation.

The Grants Application Process

grants process

The Grants application process is separate from the regular application process so that once all grants have been allocated, we can close the stream and you do not waste your time applying for something that is not available.

However, the main body of the process is identical to the regular application process, as follows: You apply. Your application is anonymised of name and gender, and reviewed by our team. (they do not know whether your application comes from the regular or the grant stream)

If you are offered a place, then your eligibility for a grant is assessed. The criteria is that you could not afford to attend otherwise. This is based on the numbers, the supporting documentation and the explanation that you submit.

Grants Information

Grants and Loans are one way that we keep Hackership accessible to all. Because diversity rocks, we strive to have a truly diverse group of students, meaning that different age groups, genders and cultural backgrounds are represented. Our alumni is 40% female to date and we want to keep and improve this ratio.

For every Batch of 30 Students, we make 5 needs-based Programme grants available for talented women who qualify on their merit to attend and could not attend the programme, without a grant.

Why is this only available for women? Good question. We appreciate that there may well be lots of talented men out there who also cannot currently afford the programme fee. We are sorry that we do not currently have the capacity to offer you grants. Because of the gender gap in tech, we are focussing our limited resources on grants for women at the moment.

Why is this Grant for Women Needs-based? Our goal for every Batch is to have complete gender parity. i.e. in a Batch of 30 students, 15 men, 15 women. However, as there are only 5 grants available within each Batch, please only apply if you could not afford to attend in any other way.

What Extra Information do I need to submit a Grants Application? We will ask you to tell us your income last year, provide document(s) that support this (tax statement/ bank reference) and to sign a Grant Agreement which states that everything you submitted was true (and if it wasn’t you agree to pay the programme fee and make a set donation to our grants fund.)

Please note. As we assume you are only applying for a Grant because you need it, if you are not offered a grant, it is not possible for you to then switch your application over into the regular, paying stream. You will need to submit a new application in full again and go through the email questions and interview process again.

Message to Women!

The experience from our applications process confirms existing academic research on gender. Generally, men are likely to over-estimate their talents and apply early. Women under-estimate and delay.

So, if you are reading this and wondering whether to apply, the answer is yes. Apply. Now. Not once you’ve studied a bit more. Not once you are a better programmer or your application is totally perfect. TODAY. Do not under-estimate your experiences and talents.