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Welcome to self-directed learning! You apply with a learning goal and we provide skilled, relevant hackers to coach and support you, whilst learning.

This puts you in control of the speed and direction of your learning, and focuses on ‘learning through building’ because this is how people best learn programming.

Here's what previous learners say about Hackership.

A bit more detail

The Hackership Learning process is very flexible, as it is self-customised by each learner, but also contains set check-ins and structures to keep you reflective, aware of the need to map-check, and able to easily see when you need to shout for help, or even change direction slightly. Everyone’s experience is genuinely very different, but a broad overview for Hackership Learners looks like this:

APPLY WITH A LEARNING GOAL: You apply to Hackership. In the application process you describe your learning goals, including technology focus, a project you have in mind to build and some resources you are considering using. The more detail the better.

APPLICATION PROCESSED: Your application and project plan is reviewed by our applications team. During the process you will develop a draft project plan for the time period, finalising your learning goals and mapping out how, week by week, you will get there. Our experienced Coaches will support you to finalise this, where you need help.

START LEARNING! : As you go through the programme, expect to refer back to, and occasionally readjust the roadmap of your project plan.

"I really enjoyed Hackership. It reminded me of this great lefty high school I went to in Seattle that emphasized community, community responsibility, and mutual respect as an ideal environment for learning. We had no janitors, for example, and cleaned the school ourselves.

The Hackership crew fostered a similar sense of community and openness. The idea was to vocalize the problems we encountered, no matter how small and apparently trivial, so that we could learn collaboratively. It became a context where I could not only learn, but learn how to learn. It was both enjoyable and incredibly beneficial to my career."

Ethan Miller
Learner Batch-2

What to expect

Expect to work hard, be both challenged, supported and completely in the driving seat of your own experience!

Expect daily standups, weekly demos, Code Reviews, Pair Programming, Workshops on technical and non-technical developer skills (like setting yourself up as a Freelancer and CV consultations for instance), and expect lots of shared lunches and group problem solving.

Each Hackershippers’ experience is different, and ultimately, it is what you make of it, depending on your learning focus and the profile you want to build.

Philip Maessoumi
Learner Batch-1

"I'm surprised at the rapid pace that you learn when working on a project that you set out for yourself. For me, this was quite a departure from doing tutorial exercises or cliche programs like a todo list web app. It showed me how much independence you can have when programming your own stuff.

But what I cherish most are the invaluable pieces of advice we gave each other. We very quickly moved from relying only on the coaches to depending on the other learners. We saved each other weeks of headache by asking the expertise of another.”


Hackership is self-directed. You decide what and how you want to learn. Our coaches are there to help you, review your code - should you want that - and point you in the right direction.

Our coaches are selected for their supportive style and warmth, and previous coaching experience, as much as for being superstars in their field. To get an idea of the coaching style at Hackership, check out our coaching guidelines here. These guidelines help create a safe space. In addition we are very interested in the development of all our coaches, encourage feedback, and for the more involved volunteers, have weekly coach check-ins and a coach onboarding and training weekend for each Batch.


We pack in a lot of workshops, information and community experience, whilst still leaving most of your day free for you to structure. A typical calendar week looks like this:

Hackership calendar