Hackership exists due to the amazing and voluntary contributions of our community. Everyone involved shares in common that they are passionate about helping and training others, exploring new territories, love learning themselves and leave their ego at the door.

All the people below have supported Hackership and made it brlliant. They organised workshops, gave talks on a new framework, CV advice or useful programming soft skills. Some helped out as coaches, coaching one day a week or pretty much full time during a Batch. They are Hackership Heroes. Paying-it-forward. With patience, good humour and brilliance. Spreading knowledge, enthusiasm and creativity. We thank them for that.

Hackership hall of fame

All these people have given their time and support to Hackership Learners. Note: this list is still being compiled and still missing many awesome people.

"Hi Everyone, I work at the intersection of art and technology. I’m one of the organisers of OTS creative coding and also running an Art&Tech School called School of MA. My background is in audio recording and then visual effects, from there started learning to code Obj.C to make ios apps but then got bit by the organising educational events bug. Three apps later, i’m still learning and organising." Rachel Uwa

"I am Ellen, a data analytics engineer working at SoundCloud, OpenTechSchool Organiser and Rails Girls coach. I LOVE learning anything, therefore one of my particular interests is 'learning how to learn'" Ellen Koenig

"I'm Haiko, a friendly and mostly harmless code monkey who's been working freelance programming gigs since 2000. During that time I've used many different languages and frameworks and Python has been my favourite for some time now. I have used Django and Tornado, mostly for building HTTP/JSON APIs. Haiko Schol

"I'm Martin. I've attended Hackership as a learner in batch-0 (Berlin, November-December 2013) and have been helping out as a coach on various occasions. Last January, I ran a Hackership Mysore in cooperation with Qwinix Technologies. When I don't travel around for Hackership, I work as freelance Rails developer and typesetter in Berlin."" Martin Meyerhoff

"Currently I work as Ruby on Rails freelancer. Before I had careers with C++ and then Java, and worked in various software development roles. For 3 years now I live in Berlin, and I’m an experienced coach, volunteering and running different study sessions."" Stefan Wille

"Hi there. I'm Brian, an Irish entrepreneur and coder. I have worked in several industries; from video games to fashion. In the last few years I have specialised in online services and social networks, building websites in Node.js and Sails. Brian

"I'm Fronx. I like static types, because checking logic statements is easier for computers than for humans. I also take photos and I sing." Fronx

Hi, I'm Ulrike, a Senior Developer with a background in Psychology. I made my way from educational psychology and intercultural communication, via Japanese learning software to software development while studying in Japan for five years. I started with Perl and MySQL on Linux and later worked as Java and .NET developer, before I concentrated on mobile apps. I like learning languages for communicating with humans and computers. When I am not programming I play Clarinet and Go." Ulrike Schmidt


Our coaches are selected for their supportive style and warmth, and previous coaching experience, as much as for being superstars in their field. To get an idea of the coaching style at Hackership, check out our coaching guidelines here. These guidelines help create a safe space. In addition we are very interested in the development of all our coaches, encourage feedback, and for the more involved volunteers, have weekly coach check-ins and a coach onboarding and training weekend for each Batch.